the state of the fabber

Just checked on the state of the fab@home fabber. Well, it does fire up, thanks to Bastiaan Ekeler 🙂 Open issues to make it work as a simple fabber are:

  • some edge detectors have to be replaced, as I blew their connectors when soldering
  • for some reason the syringe motor is not working

It would be interesting to make it work and experiment with it like that already.

To modify it to work in the biodisplay installation, we need to:

  • get the JTAG adapter that can be used to re-flash the ARM controller
  • get a pump that does 5μl or smaller drops
  • do some coding, so that all this is controlled after entering a bitmap

Evan from the fab@home list suggested LEE fluid valves to be used, and we’ve seen the Bukler valves earlier. Let’s see if either of them works out.

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