bio.display is a project aiming to create displays made of living organisms. This site provides details, resources and an ongoing blog for this effort.

The original concept of the bio.display project was to create a dynamic display made of genetically modified fluorescent bacteria. The installation, though consisting of millions of living organisms, would act as display, a screen – something we’re used to see from machines.

The first step in this project is less ambitious: a mechanism that enables a user to create an image using genetically modified fluorescent bacteria. The installation allows the participant to enter an image, for which he will receieve a plate of bacteria, that develops this image overnight. A replica of the chemical process of photography done by millions of living creatures in a small plate.

Here’s a visual illustration of the process itself:

getting a 16×16 bitmap into our dropdrawer program, in this case the ChickenRunner’s icon from the age-old computer game Berzerk

letting the fab@home fabber drop arabinose on the plate

wait overnight, and see the results

The bio.display project is done under the Artist in Residence program of The Arts & Genomics Center, Leiden, the Netherlands, and in association with the Waag Society FabLab.

bio.display is on display at the Green Revolution exhibition at the Nieuwe Vide gallery in Haarlem, Netherlands between 10.05.2009 and 13.06.2009.

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