experiments for next week

Next week, while I’m in Venice on perparations for the Corpora exhibition at the Hungarian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale later this year, Maarten de Smit, Vincent van Rixel & Joeri Verasdonck will perform some experiments to find out more on:

  • what does it take to kill the bacteria by exposure to low-wavelength UV light
  • how could the GFP expression be sped up
  • what timings are required if the bacteria plate is grown and kept at room temperature (not in an incubator of 37°C)
  • what timings can be used with plates that are stored in the fridge

For speeding up the GFP expression, the idea of adding glycerol was suggested by Prof. Péter Maróy, which should make the bacteria happier & faster. Glycerol could either be added to the LB-agar base, or with the arabinose itself.

The other experiments would require preparations and then different timings for UV exposure and adding of arabinose.

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