our 3d printer being utilized by hackerspace budapest

The Fab@Home 3D printer I used to create the bacteria prints is now being utilized by hackerspace budapest, a new formation created by IT enthusiasts in Budapest, Hungary. I really hope they will make good use of the hardware & contribute to the effort of developing a cross-platform control software for the Fab@Home printer.

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  1. misnyo Says:

    The first performance with glider-nutella-bread was at http://konf.fsf.hu/
    Pictures can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/treffhetes17/SzabadSzoftveresKonferencia#
    and here: http://buhera.blog.hu/2009/10/31/pillanatkep_a_szabad_szoftver_konferenciarol
    Thanks for the post btw:)

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