nothing works

I got in today into the lab with the hope that at least some of the plates I printed yesterday would in fact show fluorescent signs, that resemble the shape of intention. To my disappointment, about the 50+ plates I made, none have done so.

Looking at the possible causes for this, the most probable one is that the LB agar I used on Sunday to prepare the plates was too hot for the bacteria to survive in. It was uncomfortably hot for my hand to hold – which means likely above 45 °C – which is deadly temperature for the bacteria. My hope is that the plates I made yesterday were made with cooler LB agar (indeed, they were not so hot to hold), so the prints I’m making today will be visible.

If not so, with great embarresment I’ll have to go with some Plan B™.

Which would be sad, as I managed to print about 70 plates today, and made it up from row 11 to row 5 in the desired image – that’s 7 rows out of 12. If it worked, the prints would be ready by Thursday.

But then again, maybe not…

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