the fabber don’t like Nutella – yet

We got the fab@home fabber working today. We’ve replaced all the limit switches which had their connectors soldered incorrectly. Of course one can’t find such connectors here in the Netherlands that were sent over from the US, so I had to buy new limit switches, which are of course different in their shape, and don’t immediately fit into the old one’s positions. But this is when a laser cutter comes in handy, so that Bastiaan Ekeler drew up an adapter and then cut it out right away – and off we go.

It’s nice and productive to be at the Waag FabLab 🙂

Other then the limit switches, we had to solve the issue with some loose wires that made the disposition tool of the fabber not work.

And then off – to try the Nutella with the thing. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out of the box. The biggest issue currently is that the ‘plug’ that should push down the nutella in the Syringe actually goes ‘through’ the nutella – and thus no nutella is coming out of the syrenge, it’s just that the plug swims in it deeper.

Ah well. Someone else has made it work before, se it should be possible…

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