running out of options

It seems that the results for the experiments done so far are not pointing in a positive direction. In some strains the fluorescence is just not visible to the human eye. In others, it seems that while the appropriate DNA is there, it’s just not expressed, so the fluorescent protein it should build is just not around.

Today we put them to a test again, to see if the two DNA sections put into the same bacteria are interfering with each other. We’ll see tomorrow.

It’s also hard to pinpoint which fluorescent protein is visible enough to the naked eye. In research, the results are measured by sensitive apparatus, so there it’s good enough if the differences in fluorescence are minuscule, but still picked up by these machines. But here we’re aiming for a display tailored at humans.

Given the fixed timeframe of this project, we don’t have the liberty to engineer the proteins and DNA we need. But it seems that the ones we’d need are just not there at the moment.

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