been at the Waag FabLab

I’ve visited the Waag FabLab, which is located at de Zwijger, which houses a range of interesting organizations. I met there with Rob van Kranenburg, and also Jean-Michel Molenaar, who is very handy with rapid protoyping. The FabLab itself is a spacious workshop room, with some nifty tools like:

  • a laser cutter
  • a large and a small CNC machine, the latter having a presision of 0.2 mm
  • a sticker cutting machine, that can also be used to cut circuit boards
  • and lots of enthusiasm

They are also constantly in touch with the Norwegian FabLab project and other places I don’t even know, via a video-conferencing link, so I had the opportunity to ask questions to the Norwegian guys right away. Got lots of interesting input and links on the hurdles of possibly creating a 2D plotter dispensing liquids myself, based on 3D printer designs. After all, they are dispensing also material through a syringe at specific locations.

Very nice place – sure to return there 🙂

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