Preparing to leave for Leiden

I’m spending my last few days in Budapest, Hungary now, wrapping things up and leading to Leiden on Sunday. Actually, I’ll stay in Amsterdam and commute to Leiden from there.

A lot of background work has been done already on the bio.display project, and a host of interesting bacteria is waiting for me at Leiden already. I’ll post relevant background information and papers here shortly.

Wrapping up is kind of hectic here – there are lots of ongoing projects I’m involved in. These include the Corpora project, and the recently won opportunity to show Corpora at the Venice Architecture Biennale Hungarian Pavilion this fall. I also have to hand over ongoing work at my company to colleagues. I won’t be able to attend neither the StartUp conference nor the March Budapest New Technology Meetup I’m involved in next Wednesday.

But actually I’m excited by the opportunity to work in the lab…

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